Feedback from Institute participants has been uniformly positive, and participants have continued to practice the skills gained at the Institute within their own classrooms.

“Making sure that everyone has a chance at college has always been an equity issue that I have held dear. I was a first-generation college student and feel proud to be able to relate to my students in that way. Being around professionals who view remedial courses and students the way I do inspired my work. I have been teaching for twelve years. Remedial Education can be lonely at your home institution. It can feel isolating at times, but this venue provided the perfect arena to share ideas, discuss and evaluate different approaches to learning and assessment, as well as share our aligned passions.”

Leann Cocca, Assistant Professor of Academic Literacy at Northampton Community College 

“I loved the opportunity to learn from colleagues at different institutions. It was inspiring to hear about all the creative ways teachers are centering student needs in writing classrooms. I found especially impactful our conversations about grading, which helped me understand how different grading policies can reinforce or disrupt the challenges that diverse students face in the writing classroom. I’m excited to implement new rubrics in my classes based on our work together.”

Spencer Robbins, PhD Candidate in English at University of California, Los Angeles

 “I feel more connected to my students––and I feel like my students are more comfortable sharing their thinking with me AND each other. It was one of the best experiences of my professional life.”

Margaret Frozena, Senior Lecturer in English at Eastern Kentucky University 

“The intensive training gave me usable tools to integrate urgently needed and crucial philosophies into the classroom.  In every way, the leaders modeled what they taught us. They provided copious materials that I now use daily. I wish I could do it all over again!

Jenni Wilson, Sign Language Interpreter and Assistant Professor at Southwestern Illinois College